DragonBall Pornography Story: A Debt Repayed

DragonBall Pornography Story: A Debt Repayed

Android 18s three-inch heels clicked with each of her footfalls as she walked towards the Son household. It was mid-afternoon and the sun was blocked by dark clouds, throwing the land in darkness as rain-drops fell from the dark sky; drenching both her and her clothes as she walked across the forest clearing to the small house.

Gently, the Android rapped her fist against the wooden door of the Son house so it wouldn’t brake before stepping back and waiting for him to open the door. After the first minute with no answer, Eighteen couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous at the prospect of what she was about to do. Trying to draw some courage out of why she was doing this, she thought back to when this started.

It had all started almost a month ago, with Krillin having to go to work and the old man Roshi with the walking pig Oolong going to the main land for the day, Android Eighteen had been left on Kami Island for the day looking after hers and Krillin’s four year old daughter Marron.

It had been raining all morning but as the morning turned to afternoon, the rain began to stop and the drizzle turned into a few droplets once in a while. It was still cloudy outside but after being inside the house all day, Android 18 decided that she and Marron should go outside on to the beach to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Slipping into a dark blue bikini, Eighteen laid out on one the beach chairs as she watched her daughter playing in the waves as they came in and out. The sounds of the sea created a feeling of relaxation round the android them. As she lay there watching her daughter, Eighteens mind began to slip into her memories, memories of a small girl playing with her twin brother in a garden, memories a young teen graduating from high school with honours; memories of a young women being tormented and hurt by a twisted old man.

Eighteen felt a shiver run down her back at the memory of her time spent in Doctor Gero’s lab as the old bastard turned her from a human into a Bio-Android; Kami, how she wanted to forget it. Suddenly all the warmth that remained in her body left her as her mind thought back to the only memories she possessed that were worse; the memories of what it was like to be absorbed by Cell.

She was sure she could still feel it, despite the slight warmth that remained in the air, 18 was sure she could feel the eternal coldness of the involuntary sleep inside Cell’s body as bit by bit her strength was taken from her and she faded into the nothingness of purgatory. But then something happened, she had felt warmth was over her as she slowly felt her strength return, using what little strength she had Eighteen was able to opened her eyes, just a crack but was enough for her. As her eyelids opened slightly, her pale blue irises took in the sight of a clear blue, mid-day sky.

Shifting her position slightly, the Bio-android saw that it was not that Grasshopper Cell standing over her but instead a young boy who couldn’t be any older than 10. As she looked up at him she released he must have been a super sayain by the way a golden flame was surrounding his body and by the way he had both bright turquoise eyes and spiky golden hair.

Suddenly the haze of memories cleared and android 18 sat up quickly, she had never been able to remember so much of the memory before. However, it had made her realise something that she had missed out on these past seven years; she owed Gohan a very big debt. Looking over at Marron, she watched as the four year old began to build a sandcastle while she started to think of ways to repay Gohan for saving her life all those years ago. There was one very big problem however, there was very little she could do for or give to Gohan that would be of any use to him.

As she dismissed different idea’s to repay her debt, Eighteen suddenly thought of something that every boy needs to learn and in Gohan’s case; soon.

Eighteen couldn’t help but notice that compared to her body, the wood that made up his door felt almost warm as her chilly knuckles rapped against the wood for a second time.
‘I should really of thought this through a bit better’ 18 told herself as a cold chill ran up her spine but yet she could not muster any conviction behind the thought because for the last month, Eighteen had been thinking of ways to put her plan in action. Of course for this idea to work, both Chichi and Goten could not be present at the time so that meant the bio-android had to think of a time when both Chichi and Goten weren’t home but Gohan was.

Suddenly, the sound of the door opening woke Eighteen from the depths of her memory. Looking up as the door opened, the bio-android wanted to faint as she saw his half naked body clad only in a pair of blue gi pants standing in the door way.

“Hi Eighteen” Gohan greeted as he saw the android stranding outside the door before steeping aside to let her enter the small house. But Eighteen wasn’t paying attention, her eyes feasting on the tones of tanned skin that currently stood in front of her. Blushing slightly as she looked away from his hard chest, Eighteen quickly walked past Gohan and into the warm entrance hall of the Son home.

“I’m afraid mom isn’t home right now Eighteen but if you want I can do you a cup of Tea” Gohan said as he closed the door, turning round to look at her, Gohan’s eyes trying not to make contact with hers as he waited for her answer.

Her sudden embracement of seeing a half naked Gohan wearing off, Eighteen gave him a nod before watching as the recently turned 17 year old turned away from her and walked into the kitchen; as she watched him Eighteen couldn’t help but lick her lips as her stunning blue eyes took in the sight of his luscious backside that his Gi failed to conceal as it clung to his skin. As Gohan disappeared inside the kitchen, Eighteen turned away form the door and made her way into the living.

‘Well she’s here again, Gohan.’ The hybrid thought to himself as he poured out a cup of boiling hot water. Ever since the moment that Gohan had set his eyes on android 18, he had found her so incredibly beautiful. Even when she had been a creature of mass destruction created to destroy the earth, the boy had found himself momentarily stunned at the sight of what must have been the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen and her evil nature added a seductive charm which captivated the boy even more. But now, with all the evil that had filled her gone, Android 18 seemed even more beautiful to him; if that was possible. Of course in the past there wasn’t a problem, he rarely ever saw android 18, even after she and Krillin got married. However in the past month, Eighteen had been visiting them several times a week and Gohan’s body and mind were reacting to it.

As he poured some milk into the cup of Tea, Gohan took a few deep breaths to calm his body as he felt the familiar feeling of his hardening member. He couldn’t understand why his body would react this way to Eighteen, she hadn’t been the first beautiful women he had met; he had known Bulma for over ten years and she was defiantly an eye saw but he never reacted this way to her. It just didn’t make sense him.

Walking carefully into the living room so as not to spill any of the dark liquid onto the carpet, Gohan’s feet suddenly stopped at the sight that lay before him. Lying on the sofa at the far end of the room was Eighteen, her long creamy legs were over the arm as her head tilted back slightly, exposing the soft flesh of her neck. However what really captured the hybrids attention was what she was wearing. Having been in such a rush to not look to closely at the bio-android as she walked past him, Gohan had barely paid attention to the clothes that Eighteen wore; but he was certainly making up for that now as he gazed across the room.

Her usual attire of a white t-shirt, Jeans and a blue jacket had been replaced by a black halter-top, a ass-length black skirt which covered the top of a pair of black fishnet stockings; covering her feet were a pair of three inch, strap-laced heels that gave her already long, creamy legs even more enticing. Watching as the android swiped a strand of her damp hair from her eyes, Gohan’s dark irises began to travel down her slender neck before landing on her halter-top.

Or at least what was meant to be a halter-top, it seemed to be a size to small by the way her generous breasts were straining against the fabric or by the way it slightly rode up her rib cage and exposing her smooth toned mid-drift. As his vision began to focus on the androids ‘top’, Gohan felt a slight burning in his cheeks as a slight blush spread across them at the sight of Eighteen’s full breasts pressed against the dark fabric; leaving nothing to the imagination and clearly showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

As he gazed at her bosom, Eighteen couldn’t help but smile as she watched Gohan out of the corner of her eye. Although she hadn’t planed the rain that she could still hear pouring outside, Eighteen had to admit that she couldn’t of planed this better.

(Earlier that day)

As the first droplets began to fall over Kami Island, dampening the sand and turning it a dark brown as the ski over head turned a deep grey, Eighteen sighed dejectedly. Ever since that damp day when she had decided to repay her debt, the weather had been beautiful and blue sky’s could be seen for miles beyond, but now it seemed even the god’s had decided to set there sights against her.

Looking out over the sea as the first droplets began to fall from the dark sky, Eighteen sighed dejectedly as she thought of a way to salvage her plan from this disaster. Suddenly Eighteen had an idea, turning always from the window she quickly made her way up to hers and Krillin’s room.

“Aha, found you.” Eighteen said in triumph as she came out of her wardrobe, holding a birthday present that Bulma had bought her a few years ago. As she looked at the clothes, the android couldn’t help but feel a sense of irony at how she was about to use a set of clothes she had originally thought of as a joke.

After she had managed to slip into her new set of clothes, Eighteen turned to the mirror and her jaw almost dropped. The top was pressed so close to her skin that she could clearly see the outline of her breasts and her skirt was so short that Eighteen was sure that if she bent over, her ass would be on full display. As she looked at her reflection, Eighteen began to smile slyly; this was perfect.

(Present Time)

Sliding her long legs off of the arm of the couch, Eighteen sat up and watched with a hint of amusement as the still slightly dazed Sayain tried to hand her the cup of steaming hot tea with out spilling it on her or the carpet. It was clear that his mind was elsewhere as he stumbled back and almost fell back onto the other sofa. Blushing slightly at his clumsiness Gohan quickly sat on the coach while trying to avoid eye contact with the very enticing Android.

The small room was filled by an uneasy silence as it’s two occupants watched the other. Eighteen was drinking her tea slowly, taking her time as she drank down the dark liquid, obviously trying to prolong her teasing as she watched him.

Gohan was starting to get breathless as he watched the dark liquid pass between her luscious crimson lips; the same lips that his imagination was presently picturing moaning his name loudly as he thrust his hard shaft deep inside of her, those soft lips wrapped around the head of his cock as she teasingly licked the tip. This was crazy, Gohan knew it but part of him just couldn’t help itself as he looked across the room at the gorgeous android. Taking in a deep breath, Gohan silently begged that Eighteen would leave soon so he could go and have a shower, a very, very cold shower.

His thoughts were cut off suddenly, as the object of his desires noticed that he was staring at her. Looking up from her steaming cup of tea, Eighteen seductively threw back her hair, revealing the flawless pale skin of her neck to the hybrid’s slightly darkened eyes before slightly adjusting her position so that he would be tempted just that little bit more with the sight of her long pale milky legs. Gohan mentally told himself to look away, but his body wasn’t listening and instead just stared across the room at the stunning creature infront of him.

“So Gohan, your mother tells me that you are going to be attending High School next month.” Eighteen said as she watched him, her voice was casual but the smile she wore held the hint of promise and her eyes; those beautiful deep blue irises that capture any man or women’s soul for an eternity held a wicked glint. As he watched her, Gohan saw her lips move but it didn’t register to him that she had spoken for a moment or two.

“What, I’m sorry Eighteen; what did you say again?” He asked, trying to clear the fog that now clouded his mind while at the same time trying to ignore the vivid images that kept flashing before his minds eye.

“I said that your mother told me you were going to start attending high school next month.” Eighteen replied, her tone never faltered despite the over whelming feeling of accomplishment that filled her, she could see the effect she was having on Gohan and knew that she was well on the way to ending her debt.

“Um Yhea, I thought that it would be good to interact with some people may own age.” he replied, trying desperately to not look at Eighteen.

“Are you sure you’re ready for that Gohan?” Eighteen asked innocently.

“What do you mean Eighteen?” he asked, the young hybrid’s breathing was quickening a little as the waist line of his lose fitting gi pants were becoming more uncomfortable by the minute thanks to Gohan’s now fully erect member. Trying his best to hide his state of arousal, Gohan slightly shifted his position so that the rather large bulge in his gi pants was less obvious while doing is best to ignore the feeling of Eighteen’s eyes watching him.

“Well I now that you’re no stranger to dangerous situations Gohan, with a mother like Chichi dangerous situations should be almost second nature to you.” At that Eighteen chuckled. “But High School is very different, Gohan.” At that 18 gave him a smile that made ever muscle in Gohan’s body tighten before she slipped her feet out of the heels and got up from her position on the sofa before walking slowly across the room and setting beside the hybrid. Placing her cup of tea on the floor, Eighteen began to lean against the teenager’s arm and brought her hand up to stroke Gohan’s muscular chest; making sweat form across Gohan’s hairline as he grow more nervous by the second.

“I’m still not sure, what you mean Eighteen?” Gohan said, trying to move away from the android as her hand began to trace a path across his hard chest.

Eighteen on the other hand was close to screaming, she had known that the Son men had a tendency to be naive but this was ridiculous. Although she wasn’t completely downhearted as she glanced down and saw the very large bulge that was straining against the dark fabric of his Gi. So at least she know that even if his mind was to dense to figure out what she meant, his body certainly wasn’t.

Trying to hide the smirk that had formed on her lips from the sight of Gohan’s very obvious arousal, Eighteen’s eyes looked back up to Gohans and was glad to see that the teen hadn’t noticed anything.
“Well for starters, there are all those people who believe that that buffoon Hercule Satan killed Cell, so you can’t show any of your powers. You’d have to be careful about what you tell people about yourself, I may have been out of the city for a while but I don’t think many people have started saying that they spent time on another planet or in a room where an entire year is just one day.” Eighteen said trying to be humorous as her hand very slowly made a path down Gohan’s body; causing the young sayain to start to breath more heavily as his body reacted even more to her delicate touch.

As he listened to the androids seductive voice, Gohan tried to ignore the fact that Eighteen’s, very low cut skirt was allowing the warm skin of her thighs to press against his through the material of his Gi or that her two large and firm breasts were pressing into his hot skin through the thin material of her top. Even the feel of her hot breath on his ear as she talked was driving his senses wild with want and Gohan knew that if she didn’t leave soon he would do something he’d probably regret.

As the sound of Eighteen’s voice suddenly stopped, Gohan’s now very dark eyes looked back to the bio-android. She had a look on her face that told him she was waiting for something; but here lay a problem. For the last few minutes, Gohan hadn’t been paying any attention to her words, being to focused on the feel of her body pressed against his to give a damn about much else.
“Um, I’m sorry Eighteen I didn’t hear you.” Gohan said quickly before giving her the famous Son grin while rubbing the back of his head nervously.

Trying extra hard to not smile victoriously at knowing that she was finally getting to him.
“I said that you would also have to deal with hordes of giggling girls who at the sight of this gorgeous body of yours would start flirting with you left, right and centre; some may even try and steal a kiss o…” However Eighteen stopped speaking as she noticed the blush that was now growing across his cheeks. “Why Gohan don’t tell me that you have never kissed a girl?”

At that comment, Gohan had to quickly look away from the android. As much as he hated to admit it, it was true; Gohan had never kissed a girl. It wasn’t from lack of trying through but something had always come up that was beyond his control. First it had been his mother and her desire for him to become a scholar, which meant he was kept under his mothers watchful gaze as he studied and away from all other female contact that could be a distraction. Second was the unfortunate habit the earth had of being in mortal peril, this obligated Gohan to train to defend it instead of popping round to any friends home for socializing. And last but certainly the most important was that Gohan lived about 200 miles from any city and there were very few girls in the village and even fewer his mom would let him go near.

However his thoughts were broken by the feel of Eighteens soft hand on his chin as she made him look her in the eye.
“If you want Gohan, I can teach you how?” But she didn’t give him time to answer as she leant forward and pressed her lips against his.

Bloody red lips pressed onto his thinner ones, her hands tightening their grip as her body grinded slowly against his in a arousing movement. Eighteen’s tongue began to push onto Gohan’s lips but the wide eyed teen was to shocked to resist, parting his lips with her eager tongue and invading his damp mouth before entangling his tongue with her own in a sensual battle.

Gohan didn’t know what to do. There he was with the women he had been dreaming about, her body pressed against his as her lips pressed against his in a fierce kiss. Too say the least the teen was completely speechless, his brain had gone numb the moment she looked in his eyes and now with his mind is out of service, there was only one other thing a sayain male would follow; his body. Wrapping his strong arms around the androids waist, Gohan quickly pulled her other so that she was now straddling his waist.

As they broke their passionate kiss breathless, a smirk appeared on Eighteen’s lips as her hand slide down Gohan’s body till she reached his stiff manhood that was straining against his Gi Pants. The sayain suddenly let out a low howl of pleasure as he closed his eyes and let the feeling of pleasure from her warm palm against his aching manhood wash over him as his hands gripped tightly on the soft skin of her thighs. Suddenly, the sound of Eighteen’s seductive voice sound in the dark depths of his clouded mind, despite his body’s desire to just ignore it and focus on the pleasure, what little of his human brain remained functional told him to listen.

“So Gohan, are you ready for me to teach you how to handle those teenage girls?” But Eighteen didn’t wait for his reply as she wrapped her free arm around his neck and pulled his face to hers as she kissed him; Gohan eagerly responded as he felt her lips press against his before parting his lips slightly and letting her tongue enter before responding with his own in what became a passionate battle for dominance. Trying to get the upper hand, Eighteen began massaging Gohan’s hardness at an agonizingly slow pace through the thin material of his pants, now and then letting her palm close around it in her grasp; making the hybrid buck his hips suddenly into her hand.

The battling between their tongues went on till they had to break the lip-lock to breath. The Bio-android looked intently into the hybrids cloudy black eyes as she seductively bit his lower lip before completely separating from his lips. After that passionate kiss Gohan’s human mind finally went completely numb so that all that was left was a horny teenage Sayain.

As she looked into the teen’s eyes, Eighteen felt a shiver run down her spin as she saw the predatory look the teen was giving her. Arching an eyebrow at the look the android decided she would play with her predator a little before his lesson as her hand slid past the elastic of his Gi. As he felt her hand closing around his member, his head arched back and his eyes shut tightly as a moan escaped his lips.

Eighteen had never touched something so thick, stiff and smooth at the same time; her palm slowly slid up and down his length, stopping now and then as her thumb massaged his tip that was now moistened with precum. ‘Nor anything so long’ Eighteen mentally added. In her time, she had been with a couple and until yesterday Krillin had been the largest, which considering his height is saying something but Gohan was quiet a lot larger than her husband. This was something that Eighteen guessed was due to his Sayain heritage, considering what Bulma and Chichi had told her about there husband’s sizes but she had never believed them until now.

As her hand pleasured him, Eighteen bent forward and teasingly gave him a chaste kiss before pulling away and watched as he lent forward and tried to recapture her lips. With his hands that were still on Eighteens hips, Gohan reached down and then let them travel up her legs, under her black skirt. Eighteen suddenly gasped loudly as with his hands on her bare ass Gohan tried to push her further against him.

As she Pushed herself back and almost off the demi-sayain, Eighteen gave him a look that as good as said, ‘If there’s any more of that, you can say good by to this.’ And just to prove she meant business, Eighteen’s hand suddenly stopped pleasing the now panting sayain.

Deciding he’d learnt his lesson, Eighteens hand started to stroke Gohan’s erection again as she descended upon him and began to kiss his hard chest as the fingers on her free hand slid down his arms to his sides and lightly scraping his skin with her nails.

As her mouth went lower, she kissed his abdomen and his bellybutton and felt him shiver as she did before her hand neared the elastic of his Gi. After she had given him one last open-mouthed kiss on his well toned body she looked up at him noticing that his eyes were closed as his head rested against the wall as quiet moans passed his lips.

Knowing that he was too lost in her ministrations to stop her, Eighteen quickly stopped her ministrations on his member before removing her hand from his pants. However before Gohan could object; her hands gripped the waistband of his Gi and pulled it down and off his legs before throwing it somewhere in the Room. Looking down, Eighteen gasped at the sight of his manhood which was now exposed to her greedy eyes, it seemed she had been wrong earlier, Gohan wasn’t rather a lot bigger than her husband; he was fucking gigantic compared to Krillin and the sight of it made her yearning womanhood moist with need.
Placing her hands on his thighs, Eighteen started to massage them slowly as they slid up towards his organ, as her lithe fingers reached out and wrapped around his length; she heard Gohan start pant happily as she stroked up and down his length at a steady pace. She could feel his shaft pulsing in her grasp as her thumb lightly pressed on his sensitive tip, making the hybrid suddenly begin to buck his hips into her hand.

Gohan’s eyes suddenly shot open as he felt her hot wet lips on his skin and the feel of her wet tongue as it lightly teased the tip of his stiff member. Eighteen’s hands returned to their previous spots on his thighs after a few more strokes and were now replaced by her greedy tongue that began tracing imaginary trails along his shaft, from the base to the tip and vice versa.

Gohan felt as if the tip of his member was going to burst, He had been enjoying her teasing but the lust that had built up inside of him ever since the Android had walked through the door, or better yet, over the past month was really starting to drive him mad.

“oh Kami, Eighteen… more…please more” Gohan’s low voice spoke between moans; Eighteen smiled to herself and knowing what he wanted she put her lips at the head of his throbbing manhood. As the throbbing tip went past her full lips into her damp cavity; as her tongue was slightly pressed onto the sensitive skin or when her teeth skilfully scraped his tip, Gohan vocalized the pleasure he felt with long moans and almost animal like howls.

The Android took him into her mouth, slowly letting his length pass through her lips; the skin of his member was now so sensitive that he could feel every movement of her tongue on his shaft and the feel of her teeth as they lightly scraped his skin.

Taking one of her hands off his thigh, Eighteen reached out and began to massage the exposed skin at the base of Gohan’s member as she started to bob her head up and down on him. As he felt the combined pleasures of her mouth and fingers, the teen could sense that he was really close to release. His eyes shut tightly as his fists griped the fabric of the couch and his hips began bucking faster and harder into her mouth.

“Kami, Eighteen…”

Her name left his lips as he felt her moan around his manhood, sending shivers down his body due to the feel of the vibrations from her throat as they reverberated along his shaft. Unable to resist anymore, Gohan opened his eyes and watched as her head bending up and down on his manhood, his stiff member disappearing and reappearing as it passed through her luscious lips; the very sight was enough to make the teen cum.

The teen knew he was going to cum soon, but he was stubbornly trying to make this last as long as possible, Gohan wanted to enjoy every minute of what she was doing. However, despite his tries to not surrender to the pleasure, the feel of one last stroke brought him over the edge.

“OH FUCK Eighteen!” the Hybrid cried as his hot seed exploded from his thick manhood and into her mouth as she swallowed it greedily. Gohan lent back against the couch, panting heavily as his sweat covered body tremble slightly from the wave of adrenaline that the incredible orgasm had brought in his blood. Licking her lips and enjoying the taste of his cum that still lingered on her lips, Eighteen got up from her knee’s and looked down and smiled slyly at the slightly dazed teen; It was time for his lesson to begin.

It didn’t take long for the animalistic passion that had filled him to return nor for his manhood to return to a painfully hard state of arousal as Gohan looked up and his dark irises took in the sight of Eighteen standing over him. Giving the teen a wicked smile, the android grasped the hem of her top and started to slowly lift the piece of cloth off her alluring body; revealing herself to the teen’s dark eyes at a teasingly slow pace before discarding the top to the floor.

As the fabric hit the ground, Gohan’s eyes began to travel up her torso until they feel on the objects of their main interest. Eighteen’s breasts were large, full and firm; the only flaw being the pale-skinned streak that ran across them, only giving proof that she had recently lounged in the sun however their milky complexion also accentuated the contrast with her rosy nipples that due to the arousal flowing through her blood had stiffened. Being so distracted by the sight Eighteen’s topless body, Gohan didn’t notice her advancing on him and so he was a little surprised when she sat on his lower torso; just above his aching hard manhood.
He was still gazing at her breasts that where just centimetres away when a slim but powerful forefinger reached his chin and gently tilted his head up so that he was looking at the androids beautiful face; her head bent down and their lips touched in a sweet kiss. Her lips moved sensually onto his as her thin dark hair tickled his cheeks, then the kiss was gone and he could feel her hot damp breath at his ear.

“Are you gonna just sit here and stare at them all the day?” her sultry voice asked just before she nipped seductively his lobe and waking the teen from his daze. A hungry glint shone in Gohan’s eyes as his rough hands quickly locked onto Eighteen’s inviting hips and pulled her body against his; her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms rested on his shoulders as his lips were suddenly on hers and his tongue began to battle with hers. His hands suddenly moved from the curve of her hips and began tracing up her sides before cupping the weight of her large breasts in his rough palms.

Eighteen let out a gasp of surprise as she felt his fingers clumsily brush against her nipples as he kneaded the soft flesh in his hands. His unconfident human side began to show itself against the animalistic sayain, as Gohan seemed utterly fascinated with her breasts and even more so when his lips left hers. Not wasting a second, he began to kiss down the sun kissed skin her neck; his lips leaving a wet trail from her slender neck to her naked shoulder to return to the sensitive skin of her collarbone as his fingers slowly massaged her breasts, his thumb caressing her hardened and rather sensitive nipples which earned loud moans of pleasure form the Android.

Eighteen couldn’t help but love being the object the teen’s affections, although she was surprised at how much he knew about a women’s body and felt slightly annoyed because she was meant to be teaching him; the knowledge that there still many other things she could do to repay her debt cheered her up and allowed her to enjoy what was happening. Enjoy the feeling of his hot mouth on her skin, his hands pleasuring her chest; but most of all she loved the pressure of his stiff manhood as it pressed against her lower region; even if the small skirt separated their skin, it was getting her more aroused by the minute.

A sound of disagreement left her lips as his hand left her right breast or at least until she felt his head in the valley between her breasts; Gohan’s tongue went down the valley before finally giving its attention to her right breast. Eighteen’s head arched back as A Passion filled cry escape her lips as she felt the teen’s mouth finally gave its attentions to her breast; his lips suckling and kissing on her sensitive skin as his teeth gently nipped at the rosy bud as he enjoyed the sound of her pleasure filled cries. Her hands move from his shoulders to clutch at his head, her slender fingers running through clumps of ebony hair, while his lips continued to work on her breast, his hand kneading the opposite as his other hand wrapped around her waist and held her in place as her body arched up and a low growl of pleasure left her open mouth as his greedy tongue teased her.

However, wanting to carry on with what remained of her lesson, Eighteen quickly regained her consciousness and took Gohan’s hands and lips off of her body; panting slightly due to the teens ministrations but her mind was clear and she was focused on her next step. Looking down into the teens confused eyes, Eighteen lent forward and placed a kiss on his lips before whispering in his ear “It’s time for you to learn how to give all those girls what they want, Gohan.” Biting his lower lip lightly as she pushed her skirt down and let it fall to the ground, leaving her in only the fishnet stockings.

Eighteen placed both of her hands on his well toned chest and lifted her hips placing herself above his stiff manhood and sliding down onto his thick shaft making Gohan gasp in surprise before letting out a long moan as he felt his thick manhood filling her hot, tight passage. Eighteen’s head rolled backward as she felt him filling her, her lips parted and her eyes shut in pure ecstasy as she tried to get used to his size; he had to be at least twice the size of krillin and he was stretching her so much that it would have hurt if it didn’t feel so fucking good.

She started to lift her hips up till his tip was barely into her, just to let herself fall down onto him and the pleasure caused in both lovers was almost unbearable as Gohan’s member became embedded in her heated core to the hilt. Quickly gaining the idea, Gohan’s hands gripped her hips gently and began helping her with her movements before thrusting up to meet her as she moved down him; making the android almost scream in pleasure. With each of the powerful thrusts inside of the android, the teenage hybrid’s breath caught and he released moans that could easily pass for a wolfish growl while eighteen’s moans became high pitched as each plunge bought her nearer and nearer to a mind blowing climax.

Their movements were now perfectly synchronized: when she would lift her hips, he would remain still before thrust his stiff manhood even deeper inside of her slippery sheath as she impaled herself on his manhood. As she felt him thrust even deeper inside her, Eighteen almost screamed in ecstasy as her hands began to fondle her bouncing breasts, massaging the soft flesh while Gohan’s hands were busy controlling his entrances into her tight passage, her head rolled back due to the feeling of pure pleasure flowing through her veins.

“More…” she demanded, and in reply a low grumble vibrated through in his chest and flowed into her exquisitely. His pace quickened and there was more power behind each thrust, making her almost reach that climax. “Harder!” she begged, her voice ripped through the air, her tone was gruff, and it ripped from her throat. If not for knowing his mother so well, Eighteen would have been sure that this wasn’t the teens first time fucking a women’s brains out; he was just so good at it. And although she was very close to cumming, she’d had enough experience to know that Gohan wasn’t even close; if she survived this little lesson, Eighteen wasn’t sure whether she’d be ever satisfied with krillin again.

“Oh Kami! Oh Kami! Fuck me harder Gohan! For the love of Kami fuck me harder!” Eighteen screamed as His thick member began hitting her pleasure spot over and over again, Eighteen’s cry’s some how got louder as she was now on the brink of climax. Somehow sensing what she wanted, Gohan began a fast pace thrusting upward into Eighteen which made any grip she still had on her sanity or control vanish.
“Gohan! Ahhh! Yes Gohan! Don’t Stop! You’re gonna make me cum!” She panted out.

Each time he re-entered her, the hybrid pushed with such force that he nearly lifted her whole body. “Make me…cum…do it HARDER…” Eighteen hissed. “Oh Kami…oh Gohan…Gohan…” before crying his name into the dark sky, Eighteen felt her orgasm suddenly wash over and to be frank; she had never felt anything similar in all her life. Her inner walls began tightening and contracting around Gohan’s stiff member as her juices coated his manhood. Not evening realizing that her ‘student’ hadn’t cum yet, Eighteen collapsed onto Gohan’s chest and lost consciousness.

It didn’t take long for Eighteen to regain her consciousness but when she did, the android was in for a nasty surprise. Opening her tired eyes, the beauty found that she was not lying on a comfortable bed or seat but instead she was lying face down on the Son’s living room floor. With her mind still to dazed to consider why she might be lying on the carpeted surface, Eighteen begun to stand up but as she got to her hands and knees; she felt strong hands take ahold of her hips and hold her in place as a deep voice whisper in her ear.

“Did you really think that I would let go after all you put me through this past month with out actually being satisfied?” Gohan asked his breathing heavy as he prepared to enter the android. Despite the fact that his body was all but screaming for release, the teen couldn’t resist looking at the androids beauty and his lustful eyes gazed down at the milky skin of her perfect butt and moistened womanhood. Something inside of him just wanted to thrust deep inside that perfect ass and fuck her senseless, however he once read that anal sex could be quite painful and Gohan wasn’t sure how accustomed Eighteen was to it.

Taking hold of his achingly hard member, Gohan started to rub the head of it up and down Eighteen’s slick entrance, making the android release soft moans of pleasure before he parted her wet folds and thrust deep inside of her. The moment he was buried within her, her eyes opened wide and she threw her head back, her mouth parted without sound as her body tightened over his swollen manhood and she moved back onto his hard shaft; trying to get him even deeper inside of her sensitive canal.

“AHHHH!” Eighteen screamed as she became totally lost in the pleasure she was experiencing, he filled her like nothing she ever had before, she could feel his thick cock as it pulsated and moved against her velvety walls; making waves of pleasure crash into her body with each of his movements. A low grunt came from the hybrid’s throat as this position allowed him to force himself a little deeper inside her sopping wet pussy; almost losing himself within the tight embrace that surrounded his dick.

Within seconds, the two lovers were locked in a hot and fast rhythm that consumed them in an intense, lustful heat. Gohan’s deep growls and thrusts were met with Eighteen’s loud moans as she pushed back and came against him as he continued thrusting harder inside her body. The sensation was incredible – she was hot, tight and slick, pulling him in so deep they both forgot everything else.

“Baby, fuck me harder…! Faster…!” Eighteen managed to moan as she felt their hips ground together before he started driving inside her harder and faster. He was ramming into her slick entrance as fast and deep as he could without hurting the android; his hips slapping against her shapely buttocks, the sounds of his rhythmic thrusts into her slick canal echoing into the dark room as it mixed with the sounds of there pleasure.

“Fuck me, baby, that feels so good, fuck me…” Eighteen moaned/chanted out as she felt the hybrids cock suddenly rub against her sweet spot and set her nerves alight. Gohan’s dark and clouded eyes were now shut tightly as he felt himself finally nearing his limit. Eighteen was really close, too, and when he hit her pleasure spot once again she couldn’t hold back and she came in a gush of hot fluid that coated his pulsating cock as it slid in and out of her pussy at a fast pace. The feeling of her inner walls convulsing and tightening in erratic spasms around his thick member made Gohan let out an almighty howl but not before he managed to pull out of the androids depths and used his grip on her hips to flip Eighteen up so that she was lying on her back before letting forth an explosion of whitish sticky cum onto her gorgeous body; covering her from the tips of her golden blond hair to the ends of her toes.

Taking deep steady breaths, Eighteen collapsed onto the carpeted floor, her arms no longer capable of supporting her weight in there post orgasmic bliss. She felt so tired, Gohan had almost been to much for her and now all she wanted to do was rest, Chichi wouldn’t be home from her shopping trip for still a few more hours, she had time. However the sound of a throat clearing woke Eighteen from her daze, looking up she saw Gohan standing there infront of her, his hard dick fully erect as if nothing had happened. Maybe shed forgotten about the stamina that youths possessed or maybe it was because he was a hybrid, but what ether the reason Eighteen know one thing; she wasn’t going to get any rest.

(Hours Later)

The dark clouds had cleared now the evening sky had turned to shades of orange, pink and purple, the golden rays of the setting sun shone through the open window of the Son home’s master bed room and landed on the sleeping figures. As the light feel on her eyes, Eighteen began to stir from her deep sleep and groggily sat up in the bed. It didn’t take long for the memories from the previous hours to return to her and as she looked down, a smile spread across her lips at the sight of the unconscious Gohan whose arm was currently wrapped around her waist; She had repaid her debt to the demi-sayain for saving her life all those years ago. Taking the arm from around her waist, the beauty quietly began collecting there clothing from around the house. Within minutes she was smoothing her cloths and found that she was ready to leave, but she also found herself peering down at him, placing a sealed envelop on the bedside table; Eighteen couldn’t giving the sleeping teen a gentile kiss on the check before leaving.

About 20 minutes later Gohan awoke, his eyes slowly opening as he realized that he was lying naked in his parents bed. As the teen wondered what he was doing there, Images of Eighteen and their fucking session suddenly flashed through his mind and he sprang into a sitting position looking about the room for the Bio-android. As he realised that she wasn’t in the house, the teen felt incredibly stupid; what had he been thinking? Why would she stay when she had a family and a marriage to return to? And in particular, why would she stay when his mother judging by her Ki signature was only ten minutes away? Chuckling to himself at the thought of a naked Eighteen arguing with his mother armed with her frying pan, Gohan was about to get out of the bed and have a shower when he noticed an envelop addressed to him lying on the bedside table. Curious, the hybrid reached out and took the letter from its confines before reading it; as his dark irises came to the last his eyes opened wide at the prospect of what the letter promised.

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